Palurdas (Trident) Animation Studies

Punch and kick combo

Punch and kick combo Breakdown

Epic attack combo

Troll finisher 30fps version
inspired by God of War

Troll finisher 24fps version

Troll finisher with reference

Walk loop

run loop

funny run loop

Axe throw with slow motion

Axe throw

Axe throw with slow motion and smear and stretch

Axe throw with smear and stretch

Palurdas (Trident) Animation Studies

Here you can see all the animation with the Triden and other characters of Pirreick Picaut, which I have only retextured and adapted weapon designs. Except for the textures, the whole character is from Pirrick Picaut and serves to study animation. The Trident character is part of the Blender animation course Alive! which is in my eyes a must have to learn animation. ^^
To the axe throw animation I have tried different things, including with slowmotion as well as with smear and stretch. and yea some animation is inspired from God of War.