Nuts and Glory short animation

the animation

Nuts and Glory cover

Nuts and Glory cover


Battleline red

Battleline red Run

Battleline red Walk

Battleline black

Battleline black Run

Battleline black Walk

Red King

Red King Warcry

Red King Run

Black King

Black King Walk

Black King Run


Hornblower blows horn

Hornblower Run

Base animation Idle

Base animation Run

Base animation Climb

Nuts and Glory short animation

This is my Squirrel animation for the Blender animation course Alive! by Pierrick Picaut. 😎
My animation is just a little modified and tells a slightly different story but I hope you like it. 😁

release video for the animation course:
Teaser for the Squirrel animation, of the course:

Also in this animation a big praise to my team, which is responsible for synchro and sound design, which makes my animations look more professional. 👏

Sound designer: Luis Delpt
Voice actors: Andy Mühlhoff
and Anja Klukas
Special thanks to
DennisPerSecond for some cool ideas, like the title name and help with some improvements:
And last but not least Pierrick Picaut for his lessons to make this great animation: